RJ Pro Tint


So? What’s your problem? Why tint your office windows? Imagine you or your employees sitting in one of those sunlit offices. They’re probably pulling the shades shut because they can’t see the screens on their computers. That probably helps but the heat! So adjust the thermostat. AC kicks on and and people in the shaded offices are freezing! The fact is that you can solve ALL of these problems with 3MTM Window Film solutions. And guess what? Your investment can pay for itself in energy savings.

No one has more experience in window films than 3M. In fact, 3M was issued the first-ever patent on sun control window film in 1966. Since then, 3M has invested millions of dollars on film research and development. Today millions of square feet of 3M Window Films are installed worldwide.

Here are the benefits you will derive from commercial window tinting solutions:

  • Reducing Energy Costs and Improving HVAC efficiency
  • Office Comfort – Temperature stabalization and Eliminating office glare off computer screens and laptops
  • Eliminate furniture and carpet sun damage and fading
  • Improve building security
  • Improve building aesthetics