RJ Pro Tint



3MTMFasaraTM Interior Design Window Films from Japan will add a new dimension to space. Decorative films are applied to glass creating a beautiful etched-glass appearance without the etched-glass cost. The new films create a uniform rice paper appearance not typically found in window films. Light is dispersed softly, rendering a high-class, tranquil atmosphere. We have premium Interior Design films suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. Developed for the Asian market, the FasaraTM Window Films offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in the aesthetic serenity distinctive to the Japanese culture, while still maintaining the outstanding quality provided by 3MTM technology.

Even add a touch of class by incorporating your logos into the installation.



• Architectural applications
• Privacy and decorative
• Window graphic applications
• Unique rice paper designs (Sagano and Yamato)
• Emulates etched or sand blasted glass (Oslo and Lausanne)
• All designs are uniform throughout the film
• Blocks up to 99% UV which assists in reducing fade on fabrics
• Glare and heat reduction
• Fingerprint resistant – Glass Shade Series
• Durable polyester film
• Increases personal safety from flying glass
• Easy to clean
• Can be removed when required