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Reduce Fading

Solutions to prevent carpet and floor fading

Floors and furniture fade due to sunlight, specifically the harmful UV rays that accompany sunlight. You may never notice fading due to sunlight until one day when you decide to move your furniture and the carpet or hardwood shows a mark where the furniture or throw rug used to be.


FIX THE PROBLEM BEFORE IT HAPPENS! 3M™ Scotchtint™ Window Film removes destructive ultraviolet rays from sunlight but still provides a clear view of the world outside.

  • Blocks up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays most responsible for causing fading and sun damage
  • Helps control the amount of heat and glare that comes through windows to help improve energy efficiency.


Of course, you can reduce fading with curtains, blinds and other traditional window treatments, but the reason you have the window is to allow the natural light into your house. You could also add awnings, overhangs, or even plant shade trees to reduce the fading but ultimately the best solution is to apply window film tints. 3MTM window film is designed to block UV rays and reflect heat. The application of window films significantly reduces fading while still maintaining the natural lighting that you want in your house.

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